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Henrik Nieratschker's work carves out a space between design and art, technology and science, fiction and theory. Modes of inquiry and production across and beyond those disciplines become his tools to explore the diverse presents and futures of a technologically connected, increasingly complex world.

He is particularly interested in the abilities of designed objects and environments - existing and non-existing, physical and digital, fictional, theoretical or metaphorical - to unfold hidden narratives, that reveal and reflect upon contemporary social, cultural and political conditions.
The idea of the prototype plays an important role in this exploration. Acting simultaneously on levels below and above the finished product, it is often used as a means of research and comment, without ever claiming completeness or assuming unquestionable truth.
The arising speculations, re-configurations and reflections often manifest as installations or presentation formats that include a mix of designed objects, video, interactive media and graphics, as well as different modes of text.

His most recent work (2014 - 2016) has been concerned with frameworks of technological development, adaptation and democratisation, such as local uses of technology beyond western consumer markets, the migration of space technology into private and commercial sectors and the significance of the cultural past and present of Silicon Valley.

In addition to the work on his solo projects, Henrik Nieratschker is a cofounder of experimental design studio proto/meta and curatorial art collective Research and Waves, and has recently been a visiting lecturer for Artistic Research at University of Arts Bremen / Germany.



RAW[0.1,Y,0.75] Blank Out ∞
Staedtische Galerie / Bremen / Germany

Von Seitenlinien ∞
GAK / Bremen / Germany


Heal the World
Neues Museum Weserburg / Bremen / Germany

Ethnography in the Expanded Field
Parsons / New York / USA

GAK / Bremen / Germany

Tracking Tracks ∞
Galerie fuer Gegenwartskunst / Bremen / Germany

Heavy Listening ∞
Galerie Herold / Bremen / Germany

Hochschultage 16
HfK / Bremen / Germany


Domshof 9-12 / Bremen / Germany

African Robots ∞
Machines Room / London / UK

What is Luxury?
Victoria & Albert Museum / London / UK

Fashion Space Gallery Late ∞
Fashion Space Gallery / London / UK

LifeLogging Lab
Science Gallery / Dublin / Ireland


Buy, buy, buy, put it down!
Hockney Gallery / London / UK

Design Interactions
HAND Online Gallery / Online

The New Digital Archaeologists
Brighton Digital Festival 2014
Brighton Media Centre / Brighton / UK

Next Brave New World
Icon Design Trail
Arebyte Gallery / London / UK

A Stroll Through A Fun Palace
Swiss Pavillion / Architecture Biennale / Venice / Italy

Show RCA 2014
Royal College of Art / London / UK

WIP Show
Royal College of Art / London / UK


WIP Show
Royal College of Art / London / UK

Best of HfK Design
Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus / Bremen / Germany

Hochschultage 13
HfK / Bremen / Germany


Hochschultage 12
HfK / Bremen / Germany


IF Design
Cebit / Hannover / Germany

Hochschultage 11
HfK / Bremen / Germany


Hochschultage 10
HfK / Bremen / Germany

Education :

@University of Arts
Bremen / Germany
Master Studies Fine Arts (Time-Based Media)

@Royal College of Art
London / UK
MA Design Interactions

@University of Arts
Bremen / Germany
BA Digital Media


Core 77 Design Award 2015
Speculative Concepts Category
Student Runner Up

Output Design Award 2013
Honorary Mention

Output Design Award 2012
Honorary Mention

Digital Media Award 2012
University of Arts / Bremen / Germany

Digital Media Award 2011
University of Arts / Bremen / Germany
Honorary Mention

Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
(German National Merit Foundation - Art & Design)



Morehshin Allahyari, Daniel Rourke, ED.
Institute of Network Cultures / Amsterdam / NL

Heal The World - Exhibition Magazine
Neues Museum Weserburg / Bremen / Germany

taz 02/05/16 / Germany

Weserkurier 16/04/16 / Bremen / Germany

Rauchwolken und Luftschloesser. Temporaere Raeume
Dennis Paul, Andrea Sick, ed.
Textem Verlag / Hamburg / Germany

Form #249 / Germany

No.One Magazine #2 / Germany

Weave 05/12 / Germany

Designreport 02/12 / Germany


Fast Company
Wall Street International
The Glass Magazine
Science Gallery
Pasta & Vinegar
We Are Visual Animals
and more...


BBC Click (16/09/2014)
BBC Radio / UK


Next Brave New World - Dinner Discussions
Arebyte Gallery + The Yard / London / UK
Evening Event with Food & Debate

Brighton Digital Festival 2014
Brighton / UK
Arts and Tech Commission

A Stroll Through A Fun Palace
Swiss Pavillion / Architecture Biennale / Venice / Italy
Short Term Residency


California Dreaming
HfK / Bremen / Germany

Digital Futures: DeLuxe Edition
Victoria & Albert Museum / London / UK

Healthcare Futures
Kyoto Institute of Technology / Kyoto / Japan

Show RCA Industry Night Pechakucha
Royal College of Art / London / UK

Tsinghua University / Beijing / China

Media Theory Talks
University of Arts / Bremen / Germany


Visiting Lecturer
Artistic Research and Project Development
Digital Media Department
University of Arts / Bremen / Germany