Geschichtung1: Am Deich 68/68 Bremen

(Sound) Installation


Henrik Nieratschker's work Geschichtung 1: Am Deich 68-69 Bremen examines the parallels between the artistic, commercial, freelance, and salaried work performed under the roof. He brings together the current function as an artists' house with the building's previous uses for example as a spice and lumber shop in an autofictional narrative. His installation consists of an edited archival image and four objects whose arrangement references the image: a ladder, a sack truck, a platform cart, and a shelf. Attached to each of the objects is a panel on which Nieratschker collages/layers archival images, architectural plans, drawings, and texts from different phases of the building we are in. The texts on the panels, titled "Loading Dock / Laderampe" "Restaurant/Basement / Restaurant/Keller" "Attic / Unterm Dach" and "Gallery / Galerie", are narratives in which Nieratschker weaves together different temporal layers from the history of the K├╝nstlerhaus. The German texts can be heard in four audio pieces at the objects. Visitors are invited to take the headphones hanging below the archival image and plug them into the headphone jacks located on the objects. In the stories heard there, a complex narrative of the building's use across time emerges, weaving together past, present, and future.

(Exhibition Text by Nadja Quante)

The work was commissioned by Kuenstlerhaus Bremen for the exhibition "Narrating the Gaps" on the occasion of the artist studio and gallery building's 30th anniversary in 2022.

*Installation views photographed by Fred Dott for Kuenstlerhaus Bremen.