Social Insects / Social Realities

Mobile application prototype, White Coated Lumbercore Board, Steel, Acrylic Glass, Ash Wood, 3D-printed Resin, Screen, Raspberry Pi, Textile Cable, Digital Print, Video


Social Insects / Social Realities was developed during a 6-month research residency at Kyoto Institute of Technology's Design Lab.

In collaboration with Professor Toshiharu Akino of the university's Applied Entomology department and Professor Hiraku Nishimori of the University of Hiroshima's Mathematical and Life Sciences department I studied the algorithmic application of ant behaviour and its potential to be applied to future driverless ride-sharing systems. The research project specifically embraces the possibilities of technological development and research in academia which can exchange concerns about profit and marketability for social and environmental priorities. In this spirit the concept focusses on senior mobility in the context of Japan's rural depopulation and ageing population as well as decentralised services that can be owned by small communities rather than multinational companies.

For the presentation of our research I developed a prototype smartphone application that showcases user interaction and technological feasibility of a decentralised driverless ride-sharing system. The Prototype became part of an exhibition design that presents our concept in form of a physical model city that allows the visitor to observe interactions in the smartphone app alongside their effects on the scale of the overall system.